When I was planning my son's first birthday, I wanted it to be perfect. The perfect invitation, the perfect decorations, and of course I wanted everything coordinate.  I searched Etsy and found so many beautiful digital designs.  I was captivated by it all and found myself wanting to be able to make the invitations and decorations myself.  

I dreamed of creating beautiful graphics that people would purchase for their own parties.  I dreamed of making an income while working from home. I dreamed of creating a business from the ground up and being my own boss.

I Googled and watched countless hours of You Tube videos to soak in every ounce of info about graphic design. Little by little I started to learn more and more. The only problem? The information that I needed was scattered all over the internet. All I wanted was a comprehensive guide to everything that I needed to know but it didn't seem to exist.

I realized that other people probably wanted a comprehensive guide too and that's how Photoshop Elements for Creative Entrepreneurs was born.


So you want to learn graphic design but don't want to search all over the internet and piece all of the information together. I hear you. Loud and clear.  I've been there.

What if you had a detailed guide to step you through the basics?

I've done all the searching, video-watching and compiling for you and I want to teach YOU how to create beautiful graphics.  This book steps you through everything you need to know about Photoshop Elements to get started in graphic design. In addition, it provides advanced techniques as well, making this book perfect for beginners and experienced users.


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- Gina Kleinworth

   Kleinworth & Co.

"As a photographer & blogger, I have been working with Photoshop Elements for many years. I loved that Kelly explained not only what all the tools & abilities are from a graphics standpoint, but also shared tips on what you can do with those tools once you get your creative juices flowing. Since I learned the program mainly for portrait photography processing, there were many tools I have not been using to their full potential. But now that I am adding more graphic design to my product line I can take these tips from Kelly to make the process easier. Kelly did a great job at making a program like Photoshop Elements seem simple & straightforward. I wish this book was around when I was learning the program years ago. "

- A Turtle's Life for Me



Kelly is a stay-at-home mom of two kids living in eastern North Carolina.  She loves the beach, sipping on a cool glass of lemonade and her morning coffee. When she's not busy with her graphic design or blog businesses, you can find her running the local paths, relaxing at the beach or participating in any outdoor activity.  She is a die hard Baltimore Ravens fan.

"Before reading Photoshop Elements for Creative Entrepreneurs, I had only used Photoshop Elements for very minimal photo editing. I knew I wasn't using it to its full capabilities by a long shot, but I was also lost as to where to start. As I was reading Kelly's book, things started clicking almost immediately. Not only did I now know what certain tools were called, but I knew what they were for and saw real examples of how to use them. The book appeals to those who learn visually with many screenshots and graphics, as well as to those who learn better with written, step by step directions. I am excited about the possibilities this has opened up to me and am itching to start creating my own graphics now!"

This book is perfect for beginners but also contains advanced techniques that intermediate users will benefit from.

Will I receive a physical copy of the book?

No. The book will be delivered to you via email after your payment has processed.

Is this book only for people who want to start a graphic design business?

Natalie Dixon

This book is for anyone who wants to learn graphic design. It will benefit both those who want to start a small business and those looking to use graphic design skills for personal use.

What level of experience is needed to understand the concepts in this book?