"J" is for Jellyfish

My daughter has been asking to go to the beach for a while now.  This past summer, we were usually there at least once a week but we haven’t been since late September.  A few days ago, it was so beautiful out that I decided to take the kids.  There was no swimming, of course because the water was too cold.  The kids were having fun playing in the sand (until another group of kids came and sat next to us and their parents allowed them to go swimming…brrr!).  Sooooo… to distract my kids from THAT situation, we went on a walk down the beach looking for seashells.  During our walk, we stumbled upon a few jellyfish that had washed ashore.  Madison is fascinated by them and began asking all sorts of questions….”will these ones sting me?”  ”What is that red stuff in the middle of them?”  I had NO idea the answer to that question.  My knowledge of jellyfish is limited to….”if they are alive, they sting…really bad”. Not that I would know from personal experience or anything.  Not like I jumped off a dock in the middle of the night after a few cocktails into jellyfish infested waters.  But I digress.
When we got home, I decided that we would make a jellyfish craft.  This is so easy that my 2-year old tornado son joined in.  At the beginning of the school year, I made the effort to designate one letter per week with Madison and do crafts based on that letter. That plan slowly disintegrated around week “D”.  I think we are technically on week “J” but it could be “K”… I have no idea.  Anywhooo.. I thought this was a perfect “J” craft, even if it is summer themed and it is currently the middle of November.

Paper plate
Googly eyes
Tissue paper or crepe paper streamers

Cut the paper plate in half
Have your child decorate the paper plate
Glue on googly eyes
Glue strips of tissue paper or streamers to the back

After we finished the craft, my kids took their jellyfish and swirled them around the room like they were in the ocean.  I’m quite impressed that my son sat still enough to do this craft.  I replaced the markers with crayons for him because even though the box says they are washable, I have had one too many experiences with “washable” art supplies that really are not even close to washable.
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