Dining Room Update

The title of this post should have been Dining “Nook” Update since the area that we dine in is not really a “room”.  Its very tiny and I had no idea how to decorate it.  I never know what type of art should go in dining spaces.  I was at a loss until I saw this on Pinterest.

I really love it and it would look perfect over my window.  Unfortunately, I could not find the “&” sign or any lowercase letters at any craft store  (sigh).  So here is my take on this….

{please pardon the bad pic.  
it was night and I just couldn’t wait till morning}
I used big uppercase letters {the same letters that I used in my Kid’s Art Display}.  
I also used the same technique of Mod Podging the scrapbook paper onto the letters.  My Mod Podging skills have improved with  every craft.  This time I used a popsicle stick to smooth out any air bubbles in the paper.  I worked from the middle out toward the edge.  I am proud to say that I have no bubbles in my finished project.  Its a first for me and I’m impressed with myself.
After the Mod Podge dried, I hung the letters on the wall using 3M picture hangers.  I LOVE these because there is no damage to the wall.  You can hang some pretty heavy stuff with them too.
I repurposed my DIY chalkboard by spray painting it an aqua color and removing the ribbon.  I believe the name of the color is Ocean Breeze.  It used to look like it was floating in space on that empty wall but by placing it next to the letters, I think it looks better.

There is also some canvas art in my kitchen that I am not very fond of.  I tried many times to remove it but it is STUCK to the cabinets.  Someone must have used gorilla glue or something.  To make it “flow” with the dining nook, I covered the middle section of the canvas with the same scrapbook paper by using a runner adhesive.

I think one of my favorite finds has to be my “new” dining table and chairs.  I searched forever (we’ve been eating off a card table for 6 months!)  and finally found this at a store that sells old furniture that has been “fixed up”.

I still plan on giving it a coat of white paint and possibly distressing it.  I’m also thinking about painting the top a different color…maybe the same aqua blue as the frame or a light green.
I love the way my dining nook looks now. A few more projects and it will be complete.
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