Flip Flop Revamp

Here is a simple way to turn an ordinary flip flop into something a little more cute. I found this fabulous tutorial here.
You will need:
A pair of cheap flip flops (think Old Navy)
Colorful fabric
Step 1:
Disassemble the flip flop by pushing the straps through the back of the shoe and cutting of the nub at the end of each strap.

Step 2:
Cut your fabric. I used fabric quarters and cut them into (4) 4.5 inch wide strips. You may want to use a longer length of fabric if your feet are big. Fabric quarters are 22 inches long. Cut one end of the strip into a point.

Step 3:
Thread two strips of fabric through the top hole of the flip flop. Tie them in a knot and cut off the tails.
Step 4:
Turn the flip flop over and tie a knot about one inch down from where the fabric comes through the shoe. Hold both strips of fabric together when tying this knot.
Step 5 (Optional):
Tie a second knot right behind the first knot. You may want to do this if you have bigger feet. I only tied one knot since my feet are small (size 6).
Step 6:
Thread one fabric strip through each of the bottom holes. Put the flip flop on and adjust the fabric so it is tight across your foot. Tie a knot in each strip of fabric. Cut off the tails and you are done.
These are way more comfortable than the plastic/rubber straps. I wore them while walking around the zoo for 5 hours and they felt great.
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