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Today I'm SO excited to be at SNAP Conference in Salt Lake City surrounded by 500 other talented crafty bloggers learning, creating, and celebrating the friendships we've made because of blogging! And to celebrate with you, I teamed up with Abbey from The Cards We Drew and a large group of bloggers ... [ Read More ]

Finding my Passion and my Purpose

Passion Watercolor Print

This post is a bit more personal than anything I have really shared before.  And I really struggled before I hit "publish"  but I wanted to share a little something about me rather than a tutorial or recipe. This is for everyone who doesn't quite know where they are going or what they want to do ... [ Read More ]

Chalk Paint Mason Jar Vase {Mother’s Day Gift Idea}


My love of mason jars grows with every project that I make with them. I love the look of chalk painted jars and decided that I would make one as a gift for my mom for Mother's Day. So mom, if you're reading this (and I know you are) sorry to ruin the surprise but you will have this lovely Chalk ... [ Read More ]

Cinco de Mayo Fruit Kabobs


Fruit Kabobs are an easy treat for a festive Cinco de Mayo Party. How many of you have had a Cinco de Mayo party? Are you planning one this year?  Can you invite me, please? I love a good fiesta. Any party where there are sombreros and margaritas is a party for me! These Cinco de Mayo Fruit ... [ Read More ]

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist


Hello Spring, hello dirt!  It's lurking everywhere in your home. It's trying to hide but it's not doing a very good job.  Let's just give our houses a deep clean and get it over with, right? This is not as daunting as it seems, trust me. Unless you live in some sort of mega mansion. But if you do, ... [ Read More ]

How to Style a Porch with Pops of Color


We have a screened in back porch and I love relaxing out on it in warm weather. It is so much better than a deck because there are no bugs (except the occasional lizard that sneaks in) and it has a ceiling fan for a nice breeze. Porch decor sometimes gets neglected so here are some easy ways that ... [ Read More ]

DIY Birdbath


One of my goals this year is to get the kids out helping in the garden more. We have this area in our backyard and I have tried for years to make it spectacular. However, nothing that I plant seems to grow. The only things that do well are the azaleas and the irises which were there when we moved ... [ Read More ]

Coconut Lavender Sugar Scrub

Indulge yourself with this Coconut Lavender Sugar Scrub!

So I'm going to set the scene for you. I go to the beach for a little mommy and daughter Spring Break morning. I don't think it is all that warm so I wear yoga pants. I get there and realize that it's super hot so I roll up my pants. The sight was not pretty, folks. Oh, the beach was pretty however, ... [ Read More ]

DIY Foaming Hand Soap


How many of you love foaming hand soap? Me too. Did you know that you can make your own DIY Foaming Hand Soap for a fraction of the cost of what you pay in the store? Let me show you how... Here's the thing about foaming hand soap... it's just a lot of fun. Kids love it, adults love it and it ... [ Read More ]